Friday, November 28, 2008

Handmade Removable Windscreen Tutorial

I didn't want to have an ugly ball of tape and felt on my microphones, so I started searching the internet for an alternative. I found the Micro-Cat windscreens online, but they cost much more than I wanted to spend. I figured I could make my own windscreens at home for a fraction of the price.

Supplies -

Faux Fur (enough for 6 1.25" diameter rounded triangles)

Needle and thread
Elastic string (I used clear beading elastic, which is probably the best choice)

The air conditioner filter foam is optional, I didn't think it helped block any more wind(and it brushed against the microphones at times), so I made a pair without it and they worked just fine.

Click here for the triangle panel template

1. Print out the template, cut it out, trace the shape 6 times on the back of your faux fur, and cut them out, making sure to leave a tiny bit of extra space for stitching.

2. Take 3 triangles and stitch them together along the edges, working inside-out. Leave one edge unstitched, otherwise you'll be left with an inside-out ball.

3. Stitch around the outside of the hole with elastic, turn the windscreen right side out, tie a knot in the elastic so that it will fit tightly around the outside of your microphone capsules, trim the excess elastic, and you're finished!

4. Enjoy your handmade windscreens!

Here are a few pictures of my windscreens in action -
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